Industrial Service

Proudly Serving Industrial Customers

Bennett’s Gas is one of the largest, most well known propane suppliers in Central Kentucky, Northern Kentucky, and Southern Indiana.  Bennett’s is the areas only CGX-4 premium propane provider for forklift cyclinders. CGX-4 is a propane fuel treatment that has been proven to reduce CO emissions by up to 75%, while literally paying for itself with reduced maintenance costs.

Bennett’s Gas also supplies LPG for any sized commercial application such as warming roofing tar, 100-pound cylinders for cooking or heating large warehouse areas. Propane is also a great backup in case of an emergency.

Forklift Motor Fuel

  • Timely Delivery
  • Professional Service
  • Exclusive Provider for C.G.X.4
    • Increases Overall Efficiency
    • Reduces Maintenance Cost
    • Reduces CO Emissions up to 75%
    • OSHA Approved and Recommended
  • Will Call or Auto Fill Options
  • Pricing Options
  • Storage Cages
  • Safety Training
  • Emergency Services Available